Artist, graphic designer, clothing maker, proofreader

Starkville, Mississippi

I am a trans masculine person living in Starkville finishing up my degree at Mississippi State. I am disabled which makes regular employment exceedingly difficult, however I have several skills which members of the community may need.

I do digital art commissions: Small sketches usually $5-20 depending on the complexity, $50+ if you want a full painting-style piece. Willing to discuss prices for more detailed/work-intensive pieces as well as commercial licensing if you are a business in need of graphic design work.

writing commissions: Price varies depending on specifications. I am open to freelance proofreading as well.

Sewing commissions: anything from fixing a few buttons to making a full formal gown- I made my wife’s wedding dress from scratch-, cosplay commissions welcome. My minimum price is $5 plus shipping and supplies but I work on $5/hour or a fixed price if we discuss it beforehand.

Sewing Pattern Drafting: I have about 6 years experience sewing and drafting patterns from scratch. I know there are a lot of cosplayers and others who like to sew that prefer to sew their own pieces but do not know how to start their projects. I will discuss your planned piece(s) with you and then give you a price for the pattern. Most custom cosplay patterns will run around $60-100 plus shipping. I will mail you the physical pattern pieces and send you printed and/or electronic copies of the instructions at your convenience and will be available for questions if something in the instructions is unclear. If you commission multiple patterns from me at once that are meant to be worn on the same person, the cost will be less than multiple patterns for different people because I charge $20 to draft the bodice block, which is the initial step for drafting any dress or top. Some cosplay competitions will still allow you to enter if you only bought the pattern from someone but did all the sewing yourself.

I will show examples of my previous work on request.