Now is the time

Published on June 15 2009 3 Comments
Now is the time

With the disastrous loss the US calls Prop 8 and the lack of clear leadership in the movement, we are reminded that it is up to us – not Californians, national leadership or national organizations – to bring change in our own cities and states. That is why Unity Mississippi is starting its own grassroots, communications campaign designed to reach out to our representatives on all levels. We encourage LGBT organizations, churches, businesses and you to participate in this campaign. Your participation is the key to the success of this campaign.

Our first stop? The White House! Marches are great for energizing the base, but they do little in the form of changing public opinion or policies. The true change comes from communities interacting and communicating with their peers, communities, Congress, and the White House. Be a part of that change.

Don’t wait… Now is the time!

Mission One

Contact Brian Bond, the White House LGBT Liason, and ask him to tell the President that his separate-but-equal position on marriage and his lack of energy on other equality issues jeopardize equality for all. Let him know the only acceptable position is for him to support equality for LGBTs now. Equality in marriage, in the workplace, in the military, and in all matters handled by the US Government is essential now!

Brian Bond
White House Director of Outreach and LGBT Liaison
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500
Phone: (202) 456-1111

If your group or organization would like to stay involved with this project, comment below or contact Unity Mississippi directly. We want this to be a national push and hope many other organizations will pledge to spread this message. This is the first of many actions to come.

Please pass this message along to everyone you know.