Action: Show your support for Ceara

Published on October 26 2009 18 Comments
Action: Show your support for Ceara

A Wesson student is fighting back after being excluded from her high school yearbook for wearing men’s clothing in her class photo. While the ACLU seeks to handle the legal aspects, our community can show our support by contacting Copiah County Schools Superintendent Ricky Clopton and CC Ronald Greer, the principal of Wesson Attendance Center.

Please ensure your message is respectful. Our goal is to help Ceara… Not cause anger or disgust.

Sample Letter

Dear Mr. Clopton:

Your decision to uphold Principal Greer’s decision to intervene in the publication of Ceara Sturgis’ yearbook photograph based on a personal “conviction,” a conviction without any objective policy rationale, is inconsistent with the values of the Copiah County School District, whose stated mission is to provide “learning opportunities that will enable students to become productive and well-adjusted citizens in an ever-changing society.” Indeed, it is difficult to see his exercise of power as anything other than a simple case of bullying.

Women can run for president, serve on the U.S. Supreme Court, and preside over our nation’s most prestigious universities. And yes, they can even wear tuxedos.

Please address this injustice, and allow Ceara Sturgis’ photograph to be published in the 2009 Wesson Attendance Center high school yearbook.



Contact info:

Principal Ronald Greer

Superintendent Ricky Clopton