Mississippi’s Dishonor Roll

Published on November 13 2008 3 Comments
Mississippi’s Dishonor Roll

Did you know that the American Family Association (AFA), a Tupelo, Mississippi-based organization, donated a half million ($500,000) in support of California’s anti-gay constitutional amendment Prop 8? Not only did they donate $500,000, they were the 8th highest donor/supporter of the proposition.

In addition to the massive donation, the AFA soldĀ fear-mongeringĀ DVDs and stickers in both English and Spanish.

This is not the AFA’s first time to be heavily involved in anti-gay legislation and constitutional amendments. If you’re a Mississippian, you may remember their presence in our own 2004 constitutional amendment banning marriage between same-sex partners. The profitable non-profit organization was also behind the scenes when Mississippi banned same-sex partners and unmarried, heterosexuals from adopting children.

With the AFA working in our own backyard working aggressively to make the LGBT community second-class citizens, it is important that we and our allies make our voices heard.

Get involved! Get Active! Be heard!