We strive for unity within our community

In 2004, a handful of young Mississippians decided to put their knowledge and experience to good use. As creatives and organizers, our founders saw educational and entertainment opportunities as a chance to enhance the way Mississippi’s LGBT community relates with itself and the community at large. As LGBT individuals themselves, our founders had experienced frustrations and fears—both personal and professional—and did not want others to suffer the same sense of isolation, discrimination, and lack of community (many in our community experience). Out of this frustration grew Unity Mississippi. A 100% volunteer-based, non-profit organization with a clear mission, vision, and goals.

Our Mission

Unity Mississippi is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, and awareness purposes, more specifically: The purpose of Unity Mississippi is to establish and promote unity among the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender (GLBT) and Heterosexual communities by serving as the catalyst for statewide education, interaction, entertainment, community growth, visibility and awareness. Unity Mississippi is dedicated to promoting tolerance and acceptance of sexual minorities, increasing public awareness of minority-related concerns, health-related concerns (specifically HIV/AIDS and substance abuse), and bridging the gap between the heterosexual and GLBT communities in the State of Mississippi.


PO Box 4212
Jackson, MS 39296