Unity Mississippi’s current goals are to:

  • expand Mississippi’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer/Questioning community visibility.
  • establish/maintain an online/print directory and news resource for Mississippi’s LGBT community. Ideally, print would be semi-monthly or monthly.
  • establish a youth (Unit-Y), senior/mature, and trans division (Unit-T).
  • build networks within the community — between organizations and between individuals.
  • starting in Feburary 2010, host an annual, LGBT, leadership summit designed to bring organizations and LGBT leadership together to create action based on our community’s needs.
  • establish a community center in Jackson, Mississippi with open doors to all organizations and individuals that agree with our mission.
  • build a legislative wing that can address non-partisan legislative issues that impact our community.
  • establish satellites throughout the state to further our Mission and our message.
  • establish an ongoing Pride celebration in Mississippi in June of 2010.

Think you can help us make this vision a reality? Contact us to let us know you can help!

*We are always expanding our goals based on the needs of the community. Since we are 100% volunteer, we are careful and strategic with our efforts. Again, if you can help us grow the organization or realize a portion of our vision, contact us to let us know you can help!