ACLU of Mississippi


The principles guiding the ACLU of Mississippi are simple and clear:

  • The right to free expression—above all, the freedom to dissent from the official view and majority;
  • The right to equal treatment regardless of race, sex, religion, National origin, sexual orientation, age or handicap;
  • The right of fair play in encounters with government institutions—courts, schools, police, bureaucracy—and with the repositories of great private power;
  • The right to be let alone—to be secure from spying, from the promiscuous and unwarranted collection of personal information, and from interference in our private lives.

These guarantees of liberty are not self-enforcing. Those with power often undermine the rights of individuals and groups who lack the political influence, the numerical strength or the money to secure their birthright of freedom. That is why the efforts of the ACLU of Mississippi—in the courts, in the legislature, and in the public forum—have most often been on behalf of people with the special vulnerability of the powerless.

  • Address: P.O. Box 2242 | Jackson, MS 39225-2242