Updated: HB714 is a big problem!

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Update: Mr Evans is withdrawing HB714 according to a Facebook post. We will continue to monitor the status of the bill.

His statement:

While my bill was, in fact, well-intended, it is obvious to me now that it was not so well-thought-out on a variety of levels. As such, I will request that my bill pertaining to the irrebuttable presumption be withdrawn ASAP. It was never my intention to create the strife and angst that has occurred. I regret that. Again, thank you each for your willingness to at least listen to my explanation.

A bill (HB 714) sponsored by Democrat Rep. Bob Evans is a big problem: “to create rebuttable presumption that it is not in best interest of child to be placed in custody of homosexual parent or person.”

HB 714 could allow someone to win custody of their children by claiming their former spouse is gay. This bill will lead to contentious custody disputes wherein parents are forced to make egregious allegations that their spouse or ex-spouse is gay to gain the upper hand. This will require courts to be part of “witch hunt” trials to determine the sexuality of a parent.

This bill has implications for same-sex couples who have a custody dispute. It could affect same-sex couples who may already have a custody dispute by making a presumption that neither parent is in the child’s best interest. This bill could lead to the possibility that children are taken away from both parents and placed in the custody of someone else.

This bill is blatantly unconstitutional and could cost taxpayers unnecessary dollars in litigation.

For information on child welfare and statements from organizations that have done studies on same-sex parenting click here.

Here’s another resource with excellent quotes from other child welfare and health organizations.

Child Welfare League of America – “Based on more than three decades of social science research and our 85 years of service to millions of families, CWLA believes that families with LGBTQ members deserve the same levels of support afforded other families. Any attempt to preclude or prevent gay, lesbian, and bisexual individuals or couples from parenting, based solely on their sexual orientation, is not in the best interest of children.”

If you want to contact the members of House Judiciary A Committee and tell them to kill this bill, their info is below.

Rep. Mark Baker (R) – 601-824-3297, [email protected]
Rep. Thomas Reynolds (D) – 662-473-2571, [email protected]
Rep. Earle Banks (D) – 601-713-2223 office, [email protected]
Rep. David Baria (D) – 228-466-0815, [email protected]
Rep. Jim Beckett (R) – 662-983-2451, [email protected]
Rep. Richard Bennett (R) – 228-861-6348, [email protected]
Rep. Edward Blackmon Jr. (D) – 601-859-4202, [email protected]
Rep. C. Scott bounds (R) – 601-656-1765, [email protected]
Rep. Lester (Bubba) Carpenter (R) – 662-424-2306, [email protected]
Rep. Bryant Clark (D) – 662-834-1473 office, [email protected]
Rep. Angela Cockerham (D) – 601-783-4979 office, [email protected]
Rep. Linda Coleman (D) – 662-741-3272 office, [email protected]
Rep. Carolyn Crawford (R) – 228-861-7303, [email protected]
Rep. Bill Denny (R) – 601-956-6807 office, [email protected]
Rep. Bob Evans (D) – 601-587-9313 office, [email protected]
Rep. Greg Haney (R) – [email protected]
Rep. Wanda Taylor Jennings (R) – 662-349-3673, [email protected]
Rep. Robert L. Johnson III (D) – [email protected]
Rep. John T. (Trey) Lamar III (R) – 662-502-0434, [email protected]
Rep. Hank Lott (R) – 601-606-0800, [email protected]
Rep. Robert W. (Bobby) Moak (D) – [email protected]
Rep. Willie J. Perkins Sr. (D) – 662-453-4108, [email protected]
Rep. Brent Powell (R) – [email protected]
Rep. Jeffrey C. (Jeff) Smith (R) – 662-327-0407, [email protected]
Rep. Percy W. Watson (D) – [email protected]

*The numbers without identification are home or mobile numbers, some only have their office listed.

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