Jackson City Council Passes LGBT-inclusive Non-Discrimination Policy

Published on June 15 2016 No Comment


Unity Mississippi proudly applauds the City of Jackson on the passage of the its LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination ordinance.
“We are proud that Jackson continues to stand up and take its rightful place as a leader for Civil Rights in Mississippi,” says Knol Aust, chairman for Unity Mississippi. “Our community is excited to see the City Council of Jackson take this important step in protecting all of Jackson’s residents.”

Recognizing the need for basic civil protections for all residents, Unity Mississippi is proud to stand with other local organizations and the City of Jackson to defend the freedom of all Jackson and Mississippi’s citizens. Knol Aust, Chairman of Unity Mississippi adds “freedom and protections for a select few is not what this country was founded on.” Aust adds, “All citizens in Jackson and throughout the state of Mississippi have a right not to be discriminated against; we applaud Jackson’s leadership for ensuring equal protections for all citizens in Jackson.”

About Unity Mississippi
Unity Mississippi is organized exclusively for educational, and awareness purposes, more specifically: The purpose of Unity Mississippi is to establish and promote unity among the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender (GLBT) and Heterosexual communities by serving as the catalyst for statewide education, interaction, entertainment, community growth, visibility and awareness. Unity Mississippi is dedicated to promoting tolerance and acceptance of sexual minorities, increasing public awareness of minority-related concerns, health-related concerns (specifically HIV/AIDS and substance abuse), and bridging the gap between the heterosexual and GLBT communities in the State of Mississippi.