Mississippi Pride 2015 is fast approaching!

Published on June 4 2015 No Comment

Mississippi Pride 2015 is fast approaching! This year’s celebration includes many fun, entertaining, and educational events which will be held this June 26-28 at various locations in Jackson—including the gorgeous grounds of the Museum of Art in Jackson.

Because of the momentous year we’ve had with marriage equality and trans visibility, we feel the state needs an opportunity to celebrate. With the Supreme Court set to rule on marriage equality in June, we may have even more cause to celebrate!

Unity Mississippi and the Pride Organizing Committee encourage you to make a donation to make these free events possible. We also encourage you to follow us on Facebook to get the latest details of upcoming events.

For businesses and orgs…

The Supreme Court will rule this month on marriage equality. This is the prime time to make sure the LGBTQ community in Mississippi knows that your business is supportive! With a favorable ruling, you will want your business first in line when couples begin searching for rings, caterers, venues, event planners, photographers (the list goes on and on).

How can I do that, you ask? 
Join Us for Mississippi Pride 2015! 

There are three (3) ways you can be a part of this amazing event:

1) Be a Sponsor – Levels range from $100-$5000 and come with many perks. Please see our Sponsor Packet for more information. http://mspride.org/sponsor.html

2) Be a Vendor – For just $100, have your own Vendor Table to advertise your business to the crowd at our Main Event on Friday, June 26th! (No food or drink sales.)

3) Be an Official Pride Destination – This year, we have added this new and exciting event option as our way of making it easier for friendly and supportive business in and around Jackson to take an active role in Pride – and to give folks in the LGBTQ community a great reason to visit and support our allies.

Official Pride Destination events will be scheduled for the evening/night of Saturday, June 27, 2015, and you get to choose your event or offer (within reason of course). Maybe you’d like to give drink specials, a free tasting of wedding catering choices, or a sample photo session? Perhaps a two for one deal on entrees or an open house viewing of rings? Possibly host live music or give a free tour at your event venue? The possibilities are endless, and the choice is yours.

Will you Join Us for MS Pride 2015? 

If your answer is “Yes, I’m in!!!” then all you have to do is send us an email ([email protected]) letting us know you would like to be a Sponsor, Vendor, and/or be an Official Pride Destination for MS Pride 2015.

In that reply, let us know what your business would like to offer (and also please include your logo, if you’d like us to use it). We will confirm with you that the details fit and/or discuss options with you if you have questions, etc.

Do not miss this wonderful opportunity to show your support for and showcase your business to the LGBTQ community of Mississippi!

Knol Aust

Chair, Unity Mississippi
Mississippi Pride 2015 Organizing Committee